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7 December 1987
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Forty-second session
Agenda item 101 d

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

42/104. International Literacy Year

The General Assembly,

Recalling its resolution 41/118 of 4 December 1986,

Recalling Economic and Social Council resolution 1987/80 of 8 July 1987, in which the Council recommended that the General Assembly proclaim 1990 as International Literacy Year,

Recalling that in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights the inalienable right of everyone to education is recognized,

Mindful of the fact that the eradication of illiteracy is one of the paramount objectives of the International Development Strategy for the Third United Nations Development Decade,

Recognizing that the elimination of illiteracy constitutes a prerequisite for ensuring the right to education,

Emphasizing that widespread illiteracy, especially in many developing countries, seriously hinders the process of economic and social development and cultural and spiritual advancement,

Emphasizing further that this situation is utterly incompatible with what is required by the great advances in the scientific and technical revolution that mankind is witnessing,

Convinced that the process of education can make an indispensable contribution to the achievement of social progress, mutual understanding and co-operation among nations,

Mindful of the fact that the eradication of illiteracy calls for world-wide co-operation and joint efforts,

Considering that the complete elimination of illiteracy in all regions of the world should be recognized as a priority objective of the international community,

Convinced that the elaboration of a global strategy for the eradication of illiteracy and the organization of a world-wide literacy campaign will promote deeper understanding by people throughout the world of the various aspects of the problem of illiteracy and help to intensify efforts to spread literacy and education,

Taking note with appreciation of the programme for International Literacy Year submitted by the Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization,

Taking into account the guidelines for international years and anniversaries adopted by the General Assembly in its decision 35/424 of 5 December 1980,

1. Proclaims 1990 as International Literacy Year;

2. Invites all States to ensure adequate nation-wide preparation for International Literacy Year;

3. Recommends that the specialized agencies, regional commissions and other organizations of the United Nations system consider in their respective forums the contributions that they could make to the success of International Literacy Year;

4. Invites interested intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations to exert efforts in their respective fields to contribute adequately to the preparation and implementation of national and international programmes for International Literacy Year;

5. Invites the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to assume the role of lead organization for International Literacy Year;

6. Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its forty-fourth session an item entitled "Preparation and organization of International Literacy Year".

93rd plenary meeting
7 December 1987